Want to Reduce Carbon on Your Tour? Here’s How.

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Did you know? The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions on a tour is to play venues accessible by public transit – and to encourage your fans to use those eco-friendly options to get to your shows.

This tip and more is now available in ATC’s Go Green toolkit, a prioritized list of best practices and strategies from fellow artists, industry experts and groups that are creating more sustainable shows, festivals and tours.

Fan transportation constitutes up to 85-90% of the carbon emissions on a tour. Encouraging fans to use public transit is the most important and effective way to reduce emissions. Share transit options with fans by posting links to services, like Google Maps, or offer incentives, like a lottery for public transporters to win free downloads or backstage passes.

If you want to make your touring more sustainable, get in touch with Air … Read More »

2014 Artist Activism + Philanthropy Handbook

Our 2014 activism + philanthropy handbook for artists and managers is now available. This handbook contains tools, strategies and best practices to make your activism and philanthropy work easier and more impactful.

The Best Way to Celebrate Mardi Gras…

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Celebrate Mardi Gras today by listening to this playlist we created for you. And, if you feel moved by the music and the day, do as they do in New Orleans and throw something our way. We’ll use your donation to support artists creating change.

Click on the widget above or HERE for playlist.

Happy Mardi Gras from the ATC Krewe!

#TheDayWeFightBack Against NSA Surveillance: Recommended Actions

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In January of 2012, hundreds of artists helped defeat SOPA and PIPA, harmful censorship legislation, by joining in the largest Internet protest in history. Today the Internet faces another critical threat, one that undermines free and open access: mass surveillance.

This Tues, February, 11th, 2014, internet users around the world will join in #TheDayWeFightBack, an internet-wide protest urging people to take action against mass surveillance via banners posted to thousands of websites.


1. Add #TheDayWeFightBack widget to your website(s). Click here for embeddable countdown banners/widgets and images you can add to your sites and social media profiles. Note: Add the banner code now, and it’ll go live automatically on February 11th.

2. Call or email your legislator asking them to: oppose the FISA Improvements Act, support the USA Freedom Act, and … Read More »

For Organizations: How to Work with Artists

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As a small staff handling a growing network of artists and managers, and working from an artist-facing approach, our capacity does not allow for us to advise every organization. With the hopes of supporting the commendable work that many are doing, we have compiled a list of our most relevant and helpful resources for groups seeking to augment their work by engaging with artists. Below is a range of information and tools, including, but not limited to: 

Tips for concise and clear communication with artists and their teams (on average, artists receive 100+ requests per month and higher).
Logistical planning tools and resources to help you better understand what to plan for when working with artists, such as a rider contract or a press strategy.
How to present your request in a way that meets artists where they are in … Read More »

When Disaster Strikes, ATC Has You Covered.

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Four years ago, a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti, killing over 300,000 people and displacing more than 1.6 million. Within hours of the Haiti Earthquake, we heard from many of you regarding what to do, where to give, and what info to share with your fans.

Today, more than 170,000 Haitians are still living in makeshift housing, in extremely precarious conditions. Current efforts are focused on improving the living conditions of these Haitians, and rebuilding the impacted communities for all.

So we started to wonder: What if there’s a way for all of us to be better prepared next time disaster strikes and to make our donations go farther?

Today, we announce a 3-FOLD PLAN for future disaster response, DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR ARTISTS AND MANAGERS to ensure real and lasting impact:


Click HERE To Receive Our Disaster Response … Read More »

ATC Announces “When Disaster Strikes” Fund in Partnership with CDP

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Donations to ATC’s “When Disaster Strikes” Fund in partnership with CDP will be accepted immediately after a disaster, then re-granted to fully vetted organizations working on the ground in affected communities.

Disaster Response Best Practices for Artists

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Since the 2004 Asian Tsunami, ATC has studied the disaster response and impact of artists – often the driving force behind fundraising and awareness-raising efforts in support of recovery. Our experience and research is distilled below.

Touring in 2014?

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If you are planning tours in 2014, ATC has some super easy strategies to increase a tour’s social impact and decrease its ecological impact.

ATC’s ticket add-on program is an effective way to raise funds and awareness. Simply adding a micro-donation to tickets—anything from .50 to $2—can have immense social impact! ATC can handle all of the administrative oversight and will research, vet, and provide beneficiary options.

ATC also has several tools to help reduce the carbon emissions of tours, including Go Green strategies that encourage fans to use public transit, carpooling, and other low carbon means to get to live shows. Research shows that fan transportation can cause 85-90% of the carbon emission of tours. Encouraging sustainable fan transport can have a huge effect in reducing carbon emissions!

Both of these activities are low effort, high impact strategies that ATC can help … Read More »

How Artists Can Mark the Anniversary of the Newtown Massacre

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A Call for Remembrance and Resolve will mark the one-year anniversary of the Newtown School Massacre this Saturday, December 14th.

Below you will find sample social media language to share with your audiences, and links to additional resources.

Sample Social Media: to be posted on or before December 14th.


A Call for Remembrance and Resolve on the anniversary of the Newtown Massacre. #WeAreNewtown #NoMoreSilence
In past year 11,000+ were killed w/ guns. 109 new gun laws enacted–70 of them ease restrictions. #NoMoreSilence


In the year since the Newtown elementary school massacre, over 11,000 people were killed by guns in America and 109 new gun laws passed. Only 39 of them made it harder for dangerous people to get guns. Please take a moment in silence to remember the children we lost a year ago today. But after, let’s raise our … Read More »