The Smarter Sentencing Act: What Artists Can Do

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What’s Going On:

The Smarter Sentencing Act presents an important and rare opportunity to change the status quo by reducing sentences for non-violent drug offenders but Congress needs to hear from the public now…

Ticket Add-Ons: Make Every Show a Benefit Show 

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Ticket add-ons are Air Traffic Control’s easiest and most effective fundraising action. Micro-donations— from $.50 to $2—added to every ticket make it practically effortless to support causes artists care about.

A Summer to Save the Internet: Artist Action Items

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Artists can continue to have a big impact on this issue by using their voice, creativity, and unique business models.

The next few months are critical for net neutrality and will determine the future of an open Internet. On May 16, Air Traffic Control (with Future of Music Coalition) hosted a power briefing call on net neutrality and what the FCC’s vote on May 15th means for this issue. A selection of highlight audio, key briefing points and recommended actions for artists and their networks are listed below. If you would like to connect with any of the speakers and/or organizations directly, contact us ( or 415-255-0331).


If you can do one thing: Share a link to this petition with your fans via social media. Sample language is below (or edit to reflect your own voice):

Don’t let … Read More »

Power Briefing Call Recap: A Summer To Save Net Neutrality

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May 16, 2014

Here is a quick recap with contacts and links. For those who missed it, you can listen to the full recording here:

What’s Going On? And What YOU Can Do

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What’s Going On:

The government agency that controls the Internet — the FCC — has proposed damaging new rules that could turn Internet speed into a pay-for-play system where broadband providers charge those offering online content a higher fee for priority delivery. For artists, whose business and work is dependent on equal access, this issue is BIG.

2014 Mid-Term Elections: What Artists Can Do

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In 2014, voters throughout the globe will elect 25 Presidents who will lead half of the world’s population. In the US, the outcomes of this year’s election will determine the course of the last two years of the Obama administration, and affect major policy issues like immigration reform, climate change, voter rights, and more.

Artists can play an important role in helping get fans registered to vote, encouraging fans to vote on election day, and helping fans understand elections’ potential impacts on the issue areas they care about. This video will lay out a few ways that you can leverage your work as an artist to get involved and engage others in this important election year.

If you are interested in learning more or want to discuss specific projects, contact us directly here. And download your copy of the 2014 Activism … Read More »

It’s Getting Hot (&Cold) In Here Conference Call: Action Items

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On April 24th, Air Traffic Control hosted a conference call on climate change and disaster response. On the call, our incredible cast of speakers provided insight into the recent climate reports, looked at how the rise of extreme weather and superstorms are impacting our communities, and highlighted the important role artists can play in these efforts.

The list of speakers, their contact info, and actions highlighted during the call are below. If you would like ATC to facilitate an introduction to any of the presenters, please contact us directly.

Listen here!

Want to Reduce Carbon on Your Tour? Here’s How.

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Did you know? The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions on a tour is to play venues accessible by public transit — and to encourage your fans to use those eco-friendly options to get to your shows.

This tip and more is now available in ATC’s Go Green toolkit, a prioritized list of best practices and strategies from fellow artists, industry experts and groups that are creating more sustainable shows, festivals and tours.

2014 Artist Activism + Philanthropy Handbook

Our 2014 activism + philanthropy handbook for artists and managers is now available. This handbook contains tools, strategies and best practices to make your activism and philanthropy work easier and more impactful.

The Best Way to Celebrate Mardi Gras…

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Celebrate Mardi Gras today by listening to this playlist we created for you. And, if you feel moved by the music and the day, do as they do in New Orleans and throw something our way. We’ll use your donation to support artists creating change.

Click on the widget above or HERE for playlist.

Happy Mardi Gras from the ATC Krewe!