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Want to Reduce Carbon on Your Tour? Here’s How.

fan_tranport2 Did you know? The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions on a tour is to play venues accessible by public transit – and to encourage your fans to use those eco-friendly options to get to your shows.

This tip and more is now available in ATC’s Go Green toolkit, a prioritized list of best practices and strategies from fellow artists, industry experts and groups that are creating more sustainable shows, festivals and tours. (more…)

Written by admin on April 1, 2014 @ 4:53 pm
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Health Insurance Resources and Tips for Artists

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Activism Advice from Other Musicians

Becoming a great musician takes time and practice. The same is true about becoming a great activist. Contains lesson learned from other musicians that can help make artist-activism more effective.

Disaster Response Best Practices for Artists

ATC’s experience in disaster research has led us to conclude that artists and their fans can have the most impact by tracking, amplifying and funding long-term recovery + rebuilding efforts.